Sunday, February 07, 2010

How to Install Zope 2 into GNU/Linux Debian 5 (Quick Install)

Here are the steps I followed after some trial, error and googling:

1. Log as root.

2. Install Python version 2.4.
If Python version 2.4 and 2.5 are installed in your machine, you'll have to use version 2.4 in order to Zope 2 works.
As a quick and dirty steps:
# cd /usr/bin
# rm python
# ln -s python2.4 python
# rm python-config
# ln -s python2.4-config python-config

3. Install zope2.10 and zope-mysqlda packages, if they are not installed.

4. Create a Zope instance:
# /usr/lib/zope2.10/bin/
user: admin
password: *****
verify password: *****

As a suggestion, /DIR/OF/ZOPE/INSTANCE could be /opt/zopeinstance/YOURINSTANCENAME

5. Edit Zope instance configuration file:
# vim /DIR/OF/ZOPE/INSTANCE/etc/zope.conf

Insert the line below into productions section.
products /usr/share/zope/Products

6. Start Zope instance:
# /DIR/OF/ZOPE/INSTANCE/bin/zopectl start

7. To stop Zope instance:
# /DIR/OF/ZOPE/INSTANCE/bin/zopectl stop

That's all folks!!!

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